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The applications are for a variety of different operating systems, from DOS to XP and Vista, as well as many Linux apps for Puppy Linux. There are a few packages that are GeosWorks Ensemble Programs. Check back often, I add new uploads every few days

DOS/ Win 3.1x/GeosWorks/OS2

WinZip 16 bit
TCP/IP Stack (Requires Win32s)
WinLogo (Change Startup Screen, Requires Win32s)
WinRar 2.9 (Requires Win32s)
Microsoft Works 1.01
Microsoft Excel 4
Microsoft Word 1
Microsoft Office 4
Lotus 123
GeosWorks - Productivity
Win 3.1 CD-ROM Driver
PC Anywhere
Fax Works
Microsoft Publisher 2
Word Web
Write On
Think Thesaurus
Word For Windows 1.1
Super Spreadsheet

Windows 9x/XP/Vista

Microsoft Bob (9x)
Gnumeric 1.9.1
AbiWord 2.6.8
VLC Media Player 0.9.9 (2000/XP/Vista)
WinImage 8.1
WinRar 3.8
RawWrite for Windows
Updated Windows Installer for Win98
2000/XP Compatibility Layer for Win98
Revolutions Pack 9 for Win98
Unofficial Service Pack 2 for Win98SE
Firefox for Win9x
Type and Speak
Document Reader
Windows XP Activation Hack
Foxit Reader 3.0


3G Pupdial Wireless
USB Modeswitch 0.9.6
Fonts SFS - 834 fonts in one pkg