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My Puplets

Uhuru421 is built from puppy421bbnobrowser (barebones 421). It shares the same kernel as Uhuru 412, but goes back to the original "Only what's required" mantra I started this project with. Several Programs have been removed and a few added.

Removed since last version:

Fottox, Flash, Seamonkey and add ons, Java,

VLC, mtpaint

Programs added:

XMMS from slaxer_pup, Firedog 1.2, Pidgin 2.6.1

Resulting ISO is 79.2 MB. Built and tested on 100mhz with 64 MB RAM. Download below.

Uhuru421.iso - 79.2 MB

Uhuru412 is built from Barebones Puppy Linux 4.12. It is designed to be small and fast, so that it may run on sub-par equipment for low-income families. The entire system was built, tested, and designed for Pentium Pro and MMX Processors and other low resource units.


All stock icons and wallpapers


Pathetic Writer, Seamonkey 1.18 + plus add-ons,

Pidgin 2.0.2, VLC 0.8.6, Ace of Penguins,

GemGame 2003, Bubbles 1.0.2a, Adobe Flash 9.0.124,

FlashChess, Fotoxx 5.0.4, Psearch 1.13 + PFind

dotpuphandler, TKL/TCL, TKSpider,

TKHearts, GPicview,

mtpaint and screenshot

Final ISO is 133.72 MB, built and run on 166MHZ MMX with 64 MB RAM and 400 MB Swap. Full install recommended for best results under 128MB RAM.


Download Below

Barebones 5.01 is based on Lucid 5.01.

This is a perfect start for building you own puplet, as most programs have been removed so that you can start from scratch, building exactly what you want.

This is designed for the beginner builder who likes the old way of building puplets by remastering, rather than using the more complicated Woof.

ISO size is 92.89MB.


Download Below

Uhuru412.iso - 133.72 MB

Barebones501.iso - 92.89 MB